5th Generation Intel Core Processors Launched

In a grand launch, Intel Philippines introduced the new Intel Atom and Core M processors that powers next-generation mobile devices.

Intel Philippines

Intel Philippines

Packaged as the new 5th Generation Intel Core processors, it mainly features affordable and powerful devices in more mobile form factors, enabling users to enjoy high performance on the go.

We see the highly mobile trend of technology consumers around the world. The Asia Pacific region shows the most promise in highlighting this trend with the unprecedented demand for mobile devices across the region, driving technology and internet consumption,” said Calum Chisholm, Intel Philippines Country Manager.

The new wave of Intel-powered devices boasts of intelligent and innovative features that enable empowering experiences for today’s new generation of users. These devices include smartphones, tablets, and hybrid and fanless laptop designs, which allow users to take advantage of high-end yet affordable devices well-suited to their needs.

Intel’s 5th Generation Core processors feature up to 22 percent better graphics processing, 50 percent faster video conversion, and up to 1.5 hours more battery life than equivalent 4th Generation Intel Core processors.

Impact of mobility in the Philippines

Technology consumption in the Philippines is at the cusp of inclusive growth in the Asia Pacific region. Reports by The World Bank and the World Economic Forum have shown that Filipinos are among the most active digital users in the region, with up to 40 million of the 115 million mobile device users connected to the Internet, ranging from Millennials who are starting to dominate the local workforce, to underprivileged communities who are starting to take advantage of affordable technological innovations.

I’m very excited with the possibilities that the 5th Generation Intel Core processors opens up for the country, particularly how it will revolutionize the way Filipinos consume technology. The introduction of smaller but more powerful and affordable devices carrying the latest Intel Core processors allows us to provide solutions that help empower Filipino users and contribute to the continued development of the Philippine digital landscape,” concluded Chisholm.

High-Performance Mobile Computing

Devices that are powered by the latest Intel Core processors include products from various international and local original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Intel Core M, which is based on the 5th Gen Intel Core processors, enable next-generation devices that come in various form factors such as 2-in-1s and hybrid tablets, All-in-ones (AIOs), fanless ultrabooks, small form factor desktops, and many other variations.

These devices allow individuals to take advantage of the features of the 5th Generation Intel Core processors and promote technology use among high-mobility individuals such as Millennials who require desktop-level performance.

To reinforce the flexibility of the 5th Generation Intel Core processors, Intel provided live demonstrations of the products integrated in a Filipino family’s everyday life.

Intel Core M Processors

Intel Core M Processors powering 2-in-1 mobile devices!

Intel NUC

The evening’s highlight was the introduction of two major 5th Gen Intel Core products, the Intel® Next Level of Computing (NUC), and the Intel Compute Stick.

The Intel NUC features the high performance and customizability of a traditional central processing unit (CPU) in a small form factor no larger than your palm. The size and affordability of the NUC ensures that everyone from enthusiasts to academes can take advantage of the features of the 5th Generation Intel Core processors without compromising mobility.

On the other hand, the Intel Compute Stick is Intel’s solution to “screenification” by introducing a plug-and-play computing solution in the smallest form factor yet—a mini PC only slightly larger than a USB thumb drive—that plugs straight into a computer screen or an HDTV through the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) port. The Intel Compute Stick, powered by a quad-core Intel Atom processor and equipped with a microSD card slot and a full-sized USB port, can be pre-installed with Windows 8.1 or Linux. This ensures a wide variety of usage options, such as a palm-sized Home Theatre system or a portable computer for off-site education programs in hard-to-reach communities in the Philippines.

The latest offers under the Intel Core line-up allow us to address key areas of interest in the Philippines. The devices we have available here today range from products that provide high-end mobility with high-performance Intel Core M processors, to products designed specifically to bridge the narrowing digital divide, thereby promoting inclusiveness among communities which would benefit from Internet connectivity,” added Chisholm.

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