Smart Bro LTE Pocket WiFi x Evoluzn Review

Call it mobile wifi, Mifi, or pocket wifi, it’s all the same thing that enables us to be connected to the Net on the go. And through the years that it has evolved, Smart Bro pushes the envelope further in collaboration with Evoluzn to bring about the new Smart Bro LTE Wifi

Smart Bro LTE Pocket WiFi

Evoluzn's Smart Bro LTE Pocket WiFi

Evoluzn & Smart Bro

Evoluzn is an international broadband device design company. They have spent over two decades of research and development in telecommunications including broadband design and market research bringing about the new Smart Bro LTE Pocket Wi-Fi.

Chief Executive Officer Surya Jonnalagadda shares that the brand-new pocket Wi-Fi device promises to give its users ultra-fast Internet connection with speeds that go up to 42Mbps.

Evoluzn LTE Pocket Wifi

Back panel of the Evoluzn LTE Pocket Wifi

Unboxing Smart Bro LTE Pocket Wi-Fi

I unboxed the Smart Bro LTE Pocket Wi-Fi a few weeks ago in a local college in Quezon City where I teach IT subjects. I was successful in connecting to Smart’s LTE network and testing some of it’s functions including connect multiple Wi-Fi devices (upto 10 smartphones, tablets) at the same time.

Evoluzn x Smart Bro LTE Pocket WIfi

Evoluzn x Smart Bro LTE Pocket WIfi

Smart Bro LTE

Smart Bro Data SIM & the Opened Pocket Wifi. The new Smart Bro data sim comes with free 300 MB internet access + 100 mb for youtube and Skype Qik valid for 3 days.

Smart Bro LTE Pocket WIfi Settings

Connecting to your Smart Bro LTE Pocket WIfi; You can also register for Unlisurf50 unlimiteed internet valid for 1 day!

Smart Bro Pocket Wifi LTE

Settings of the Smart Bro Pocket Wifi; The default setting username and password is "smartbro"

Smart LTE Pocket Mifi

Easy setup and configuration of the Pocket Mifi from your desktop computer

It is also compatible with multiple Internet browsers, and can connect to Smart’s nationwide LTE, 4G, and 3G coverage.

To review and test its signal in other locations in brought it around Metro Manila including the business districts of Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City and Makati City.

Smart Bro LTE Pocket WIfi Review

Smart Bro LTE Pocket WIfi Review

SpeedTest @ Jamba Juice in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City

SpeedTest @ Jamba Juice in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City

Fort Bonifacio

SpeedTest @ URBN, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

As per my personal consumption needs as a blogger, the almost 6 Mbps download speed result at Fort Bonifacio is already a very welcome improvement from my previous broadband provider which only reaches 1+ Mbps. The upload speed of almost 7 Mbps is also above average even for my video uploads.

But that’s just my personal take. With the published potential of 42Mbps for an LTE connection, I should say that the state of Philippine Internet still has a lot of room for improvement. I hope that comes in the near future.

Evoluzn Smart Bro LTE Pocket Wifi

Evoluzn x Smart Bro LTE Pocket Wifi

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Know more about the new Smart Bro’s LTE Pocket Wi-Fi on their website at and Facebook page.

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4 Responses to Smart Bro LTE Pocket WiFi x Evoluzn Review

  1. Pansit says:

    Maximum charging time of pocket wifi when not use or in use?

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  3. megz says:

    Sir napansin ko sa CELLCULAR NEYWORK MODE nasa 4G-Hspa+ lang siya which is nasa 21mbps lang bandwith niya makikita din sa speed test kase pag LTE dapat magpapakita sa cellular network mode dapat at 4G-LTE which is 42mbps with download speed of 25 to 28mbps any area in manila

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