Gadgets of the Month: Braven 105 Bluetooth Speaker & Momax X-Lens

It’s a September to remember as our Gadgets of the Month feature are the Braven 105 Bluetooth Speaker and the Momax X-Lens from Beyond the Box and Digital Walker, respectively!

The former is a compact speaker that’s designed to be the best companion during all outdoor adventures while the latter one is a 4-in-1 lens set for smartphones.

Momax X-Lens

Momax X-Lens Set

Braven 105 Bluetooth Speaker

Don’t let its small size and convenience fool you because the Braven 105 Bluetooth Speaker is extremely powerful in sound.

Designed to match your active lifestyle, the 3.8-inch-diameter by 1.3-inch-thick speaker only weighs 7 ounces but promises high quality audio performance that isn’t compromised by its portability. Hand-picked songs will be the soundtrack of all of your favorite moments outdoors because this lightweight speaker has an IPX7 waterproof rating and can be attached to virtually any sport accessory. Use its versatile elastic strap or 1/4 inch thread mount to securely attach it to belt loops, handle bars, walking sticks, backpacks, and more, making it the ultimate accessory for all adventures.

You can confidently carry the palm-sized speaker through any kind of weather because the Braven 105 was built to withstand rain, mud, dirt, and sand all while you run, bike, or even sail. Plus, it promises to power you through any work out, giving up to 8 hours of wireless Bluetooth music streaming.

Braven 105 Bluetooth Speaker

Braven 105 Bluetooth Speaker

As a companion during all outdoor adventures, the waterproof speaker comes with a 3.5mm stereo input, a micro USB charging/data port and a micro USB-to-USB cable for easy device integration. You can also make your calls worry free with the speaker’s built in microphone that enables hands-free phone calls with incredible noise-cancelling technology.

Whether you want to bring it with you during your next hike up a mountain, on a bike ride on that incredible scenic route, or even just for an active day of water sports, the Braven 105 Bluetooth Speaker allows you to enjoy your favorite tunes, wherever and whenever you please.

Get your hands on the speaker that can keep up with you at all Beyond the Box branches nationwide. The Braven 105 Bluetooth Speaker is available in Black, Electric, Alpine, Periwinkle, Energy, Sunset, and Raspberry colors for only P 2,250.

Beyond The Box

Braven 105 Bluetooth Speaker @ Beyond The Box

Momax X-Lens

Bestows upon your phone four new abilities with the Momax X-Lens: 4-in- 1 Superior Lens Set. Take amazing scenery shots with the 120° wide-angle lens or distort reality beautifully with the 180° fisheye lens — pretty much like messing with people’s heads using ESP. 🙂

Use the CPL filter to make the details of your image pop out more by removing unwanted reflections and defining lines better.

Momax X-Lens

Momax X-Lens @ Digital Walker

And for those who wish they had the power to make things appear bigger than they actually are, there’s the Momax X-Lens’s 15x macro option, which lets you zoom in and focus on the finer details of your subject.

The Momax X-Lens: 4-in-1 Superior Lens Set’s metallic finish that comes in three colors—silver, champagne and rose gold. Enjoy 15% off this remarkable accessory when you purchase one at any Digital Walker branches this September. It’s truly one remarkable accessory.

Momax X-Lens

Momax X-Lens

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