Are You Ready for the Gamevice?

It’s like merging the smartphone users and the hardcore console gamers. And here, Beyond the Box hopes to bridge the gap with the new gaming gadget called the Gamevice!

The Gamevice is an Apple certified game controller that unlocks the iPhone’s potential for hardcore gaming. Like modern console controllers, it has a D-pad, dual analog joysticks, and a combination of 8 action buttons and triggers for total gaming control.

Are You Ready for Gamevice?


But unlike wireless bluetooth controllers, Gamevice connects via lightning port to give you unmatched latency. It also fits snugly around your Apple device, transforming it into a powerful handheld gaming console.

For iPhone & iPads

For the ultimate in portability, there’s a Gamevice model made just for the iPhone in your hand. But if you fancy a larger display, there’s a Gamevice model that takes advantage of the bigger screens on the iPad mini, iPad Air, and even the powerhouse iPad Pro.

Gamevice for iPad

Gamevice iPad

Gamevice Live

Moreover, Gamevice comes with a library of over 900 games (and counting) through Gamevice Live, which gives you access to the hottest Gamevice-optimized titles online. With games like Assassin’s Creed, NBA 2K17, Call of Duty, FIFA, Riptide GP, Rayman Classic, and more, there’s plenty of action for just about every genre you’re into.

Gamevice Philippine Price

The Gamevice price in the Philippines is at Php 5,490, and are available at Beyond The Box—the country’s authority on premium gadgets and accessories.

Gamevice for iPhone

Gamevice iPhone

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Know more about Gamevice at their Facebook Page, @beyondtheboxph Instagram, and website

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