Exploring Vivo V7’s Face Unlock Feature

As embarrassing as it may be, I have to admit, Vivo V7 is the first smartphone with a Face Unlock feature that I got to use for a longtime.

I am using the fingerprint scanner since I opened the box and was happy with it. But then again, I thought to activate the Facial recognition feature just for the sake of trying.

And it worked smoothly!

Vivo V7 Face Unlock

Trying the Vivo V7 Face Unlock Feature

Vivo V7 Face Recognition Feature

Face ID Access‘, and ‘Face recognition‘ are just some of the geek terms coined for Vivo V7‘s Face unlock feature.

Here are some screenshots when I turned the feature on.

Vivo V7 Facial Recognition

Registering for the Vivo V7 Facial Recognition Feature

Vivo V7 Face ID Access

Success; Vivo V7 Face ID Access

As a newbie in Face Unlock feature, I fancied trying it several times and it worked more than 90% of the time!

Take note however, that lighting conditions can affect the success rate of the facial recognition software. It might not work well in dim lights, and even more so in very low light conditions.

Here’s a full review of the Vivo V7!

Vivo V7 Review

Click the link above for the full Vivo V7 Review

Vivo V7 Face Unlock

What can you say about the Vivo V7 Face Unlock/ SHare it with us in the comment section below!

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It’s a thumbs-up for the Vivo V7! Cheers to more technology developments with Vivo and Vivo Philippines!

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