Take A Peek: Photos from the Upcoming Vivo V7

The new Vivo V7 will soon be released here in the Philippines as it is touted to be the “Perfect Christmas Gift” for gadget and camera phone lovers, more specially the selfie generation!

With the success of its big brother, the Vivo V7+ released a few weeks ago, Vivo V7 is expected to do even better in the more budget-conscious market of the mid-range smartphone category.

I have been a Vivo smartphone user for almost a year now with my Vivo V5. This week, we’ve got a chance to play with a Vivo V7 “Testing Phone” for a few days lent to us by Vivo Philippines. We took it around Metro Manila and our everyday errands, took some photos, and here they are!

Vivo V7 Sample Photos

Sharing with our Gadget Gambit readers here some of the photos form our Vivo V7 smartphone testing unit (of course, unedited, and without filters, resized for website viewing):

Vivo V7 Indoor

Indoor Shot with Vivo V7

Vivo V7 Perfect Selfie

Vivo V7 Perfect Selfie Shot of Seats For Two @ Starbucks Retiro

Vivo V7 Food Shot

Food Shot with Vivo V7 @ Tien Ma’s Restaurant

Vivo V7 Close Up SHot

Close Up Shot with Vivo V7

Camera Yellow Kight

Indoor Shot with Yellow Light @ Mio Gelati, Ayala Vertis North

Outdoor Shot

Outdoor Shot on a gloomy day

Smartphone Food Shot

Another Food SHot

Our verdict is both the front and rear cameras did well amidst shots with low light and Metro Manila’s gloomy weather this week.

For shots with good lighting, the results were very good. Same goes for indoor shots.

How about you? What can you say about these unedited and no-filter shots form the VIvo V7?

Here’s more photos:

Still Life Shot

Still Life Shot (Indoor)

Vivo V7 Outdoor Photo

Sill Clear – Outdoor on a Gloomy Day

Vivo V7+

Food Shot

Vivo V7 Flash

Indoor Shot with Flash

Guess: Vivo V7 Philippine Price

The Vivo V7+Philippine price is Php 17,990. As for the Vivo V7, most of its specs are still a secret. But we’ve seen some online posts on Facebook that it carries the same awesome 24MP front camera earning it the same title of being a “perfect selfie” smartphone.

Additionally, the phone photos of the Vivo V7, it has a more handy screen size compared to it’s big brother – VIvo V7+, as expected. So with those clues on hand, we’re estimating the Vivo V7 Philippine Price to be around  Php 15,990 (similar to the new OPPO F5) up to Php 16,990 to remain comptitive in the mid-range smartphone segment

Indoor Food Shot

Indoor Food Shot (Vivo V7)

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What’s you guess of the Vivo V7 Philippine price? What are your thoughts of the Vivo V7 photos?

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