Technology on Textile with Electrolux Lagoon Advanced Care System

When we talk about clothing and textile, we usually relate to it with fashion and style. Rarely would we consider clothing and technology mixing together.

But in reality, the two goes hand-in-hand specially in our modern-day society where innovators continually search on how to make clothing and textile in the most cost and resource-efficient way as possible and how to properly care about them using technology.

This is where Electrolux‘s Lagoon Advanced Care System comes into play.

Electrolux Lagoon Advanced Care System

Textile & Technology: Electrolux Lagoon Advanced Care System

Electrolux Lagoon Advanced Care System

The Electrolux Professional group recently launched the lagoon® Advanced Care system which are considered to be amazingly delicate on fabrics while being gentle on the environment.

It is considered a game changer in the industry as it makes possible operating wet-cleaning with the same process time, productivity and seamless handling of dry cleaning. In fact, we were able to briefly join the launching seminar held last week at Novotel Manila Hotel in Cubao, Quezon City where they discussed extensivley how the process worls and through demonstrations.

Electrolux Professional’s lagoon® – the first professional wet-cleaning system to have been endorsed by The Woolmark Company as suitable for the cleaning of delicate wool garments labelled for dry-clean only – is entering a new era with its Advanced Care version.

Fast, easy and green, the Lagoon Advanced Care represents avant-garde professional wet-cleaning. Being a water-based cleaning technique, it operates with the simplicity of solvent-based cleaning processes but in an eco-friendly way.

lagoon Advanced Care SYstem

lagoon Advanced Care SYstem

If you are part of the industry, both large and small, definitely you’ll appreciate the availability of a water-based solution, capable of delivering quality and productivity results in an eco-friendly way, has been a long desired dream that now comes true.

Lagoon Advanced Care SYstem

lagoon Advanced Care

A Game Changer

Combining specifically designed wet-cleaning machines (different capacities provide maximum flexibility and tailor multiple market needs), a new generation of detergents and dedicated programs ensures effective cleaning and allows garments to fully dry in the dryer, with no hanging dry time needed to relax the fibers, and minimal finishing required.

Customers have already testified their excitement for the upcoming change. The new lagoon® Advanced Care is designed to meet the specific needs of Cleaning Shops, as well as Resident Care Homes and Hotels. It is not only a unique system which will lead the way to an innovative approach to wet-cleaning, but also an amazingly flexible solution, offering two capacity packages to tailor to different projects, with the option of expanding at a later date: the Essential set can easily complements any existing dry-cleaning operation, while the Absolute set is ideal to replace a 15 kg dry-cleaning business”, says Paolo Schira, Global Segments Director Business Unit Laundry at Electrolux Professional.

Moreover, as water is the solvent in the process, no toxic substances are used in the procedure, making it environmentally friendly while the shorter process time guarantees faster and more efficient service.

Electrolux Lagoon Advanced Care System

Electrolux Lagoon Advanced Care System

By providing high-end customer satisfaction and making it possible to operate wet-cleaning with the same process time, productivity and seamless handling of dry cleaning, lagoon® Advanced Care delivers a concrete option for business growth.

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It seems that the whole process makes the garments’ cleaning process not only more reliable and sustainable, but also easier and safer for the staff to run, guaranteeing quality results every time. The Electrolux technology indeed seems promising and we believe that we’ll hear more about these and its developments in the near future!

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