Microsoft Teams: 4 Pillars of the Chat-Based Solution for Your Business

In business, communication is key to collaborate and to get things done. But in a world that gets more and more mobile by the day, connecting with your business team gets a bit more complicated and harder these days.

This is what Microsoft had in mind when they developed the Microsoft Teams Chat Solutions for the business setup.

Microsoft Teams Philippines

Microsoft Teams Philippine Launch

Microsoft Teams

Basically, it is now easier to share content and chat with different teams across 181 countries around the globe using Microsoft Teams.

Teams enable different groups to work together and collaborate through a common space be it in a form of team chat, one-on-one chat, and document collaboration, among others.

This is available both for the desktop and for mobile phones as a mobile application.

In the Philippines, MS Teams was formally launched through a press conference held at City of Dreams in Pasay City about 2 weeks ago.

In the media briefing, we got to download the mobile application and try it for ourselves as an individual and a group. We did chat with different media groups created for the gathering and shared some photos as well.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Chat-Based Solutions

4 Function Pillars

Microsoft Teams has four core purposes/ functions that it wishes to address in the business setup:

Chat-Based Workspace

First is the chat-based workspace which provides modern conversation experience and supports threaded chats to keep the team engaged.

You can also view content and history of the chat. Meetings can be scheduled via MS Teams and emails can be posted to keep the team updated.

MS Teams

MS Teams: Hub for Teamwork

Hub for Teamwork

This is followed by the Hub for teamwork where all tools and information are made available to all members of the MS Teams.

Fulfilling the ‘team’ concept, a participant can work on documents right on the app via a built-in access to other group management tools such as SharePoint, OneNote, and Skype for business.


The MS Teams is customizable. Each team workspace is adjustable with rich extensibility and open API’s available for general availability.

Microsoft Philippines

For Communications and Work Productivity

Advanced Security

The security aspect of any business endeavour is very important; and Microsoft Teams knows that trust is essential. Here, Microsoft provided advanced security and compliance capabilities for the office tools that customers expect.

In addition, MS Teams is integrated with the common office tools such as Word, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, and PowerPoint for continues productivity.

Chat for Business

Chat for Business

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Currently, Microsoft Teams comes for free on its latest Windows operating systems package for business license users and up.

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