“Silent Christmas”: Vivo’s Salute for the Fallen

Beyond making our Christmas wishlist and shopping for gadgets, Christmas in the Philippines is also about sharing with our family and loved ones.

So let’s make way for this non-gadget related post this holiday season in remembrance of our honorable fallen soldiers in the recent war-stricken city of Marawi in Mindanao, south Philippines.

Salute for the Fallen: Vivo Christmas Video

Vivo Philippines recently releases a special holiday video depicting a touching story of a widow, her children, and a husband and father they lost in a war.

Vivo Philippines Christmas Video

Vivo Christmas Video

The story revolved around a grieving wife and mother who tends to her small children on a Christmas eve when a group of carolers offered a rendition of ‘Silent Night’ outside their home. Laden with gifts and noche buena food, the carolers were then welcomed inside the home of the aggrieved family only for the former’s emotions to be stirred by a solitary portrait of the father of the home—a soldier who perished fighting for peace.

Because of its theme centered on family, Christmas, togetherness, and gratitude, Vivo’s special Christmas video hits home for many Filipinos. It was an instant hit amongst the family-oriented Filipinos, garnering more than 1 Million views, 5,000+ shares and about 50,000+ likes within a week after its release on Vivo Philippinesofficial Facebook page.

The comments section abounds with emotional sentiments with messages of gratitude for the soldiers who fought to re-establish peace in Marawi. Some of the comments even expressed gratitude to Vivo for “giving [the audience] an avenue to thank the ones who enabled them to celebrate Christmas in peace.” “very meaningful and heartwarming! a tribute to all our soldiers and father! hats off to Vivo management for making this short film.”

Vivo Christmas Video

Vivo Christmas Video

Vivo, by way of the special Christmas video, shares and celebrates what a truly meaningful Christmas for Filipinos. Family, togetherness, empathy, and the spirit of giving make a Filipino Christmas like no one else in the world.

May this video be an inspiration to all Filipinos, as we celebrate Christmas in Peace because of the soldiers who offered their lives during war in Mindanao.

Video link: https://www.facebook.com/VivoPhil/videos/525331654510639/?id=296173570575105&brand_redir=296173570575105

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Let this tribute and advocacy be a salute for the fallen soldiers of Marawi as we share love this Christmas season.

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  1. Lenard says:

    touching naman ng video. Good job Vivo!

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