Daikin Pushes Inverterization in PH

In a recent press conference held at Marriott Hotel in Manila, Daikin, emphasized its continuous efforts to promote “Inverterization” in the Philippines which still predominantly prefers window-type air-conditioning in the household.

Inverterization started as a concept, a belief that everyone deserves the best products that the market has to offer, but through the years, it has evolved into an unwavering mission.

Daikin Philippines

Daikin Philippines Press Conference with Executives and Officers: (From L-R) Division Manager of Sales Operation – Mr. JED Caburian, Vice President – Mr. Toshiyuki Tanaka, Daikin Philippines’ President – Mr. Lee Wai Kok, Division Manager of Human Resources And General Affairs – Mr. Gerry Cortez and Daikin Consultant for After Sales Services – Mr. Ogie Quitco.

In a country like the Philippines wherein high electricity bills is a norm, Daikin aims to provide Filipinos with energy efficient products that will improve the quality of Filipinos’ lives through lesser electricity consumption resulting to more savings.

Daikin Philippines aims to have more energy efficient equipment to no longer be perceived as an unaffordable luxury, but rather as an affordable necessity. That is why, Daikin is now introducing an all-five star energy rating airconditioning units for its residential line up.

Daikin Air-Conditioners

Daikin Air-Conditioners

Daikin R32

Daikin R32

Also, with the inevitable phase-out of the HCFCs (R22) in the world by 2021, Daikin is continuing to maximize this project as a platform to promote the use of R32 refrigerant, which is an environmentally friendly refrigerant that addresses the concerns and acts as the perfect solution for both environmental friendliness and safety. The R32 has not only become a staple in Daikin’s Residential and Commercial Split Air Conditioners, but other manufacturers are following suit upon realizing the benefits of R32.

Multi- Inverter & Premium Inverter Technology for the Residential Air Conditioning Market

The Multi-Inverter is a single condensing unit that allows connection of up to 3 indoor units compared to the conventional single-split units. Though the Multi Split technology has existed for a while now, it is not suitable for the current Philippine market because most Multi-Split systems are designed or optimized to connect to up to 5 indoor units, which is just not possible given the current condominiums development trends.

Daikin Premium Inverters

Daikin Premium Inverters

Daikin SkyAIr

Daikin SkyAir

Thus, making the Multi-Inverter perfect for smaller spaces and applications that fit the typical working-class Filipino, wherein 20 sqm. spaces are now considered a 1-BR unit. With this product’s compact design and low power output, it is not a chore to install and be energy efficient, therefore giving the user all the benefits of an Inverter Split-Type Air Conditioner at a bargain. It is truly luxury at a great value.

Lee Wai Kok

Mr. Lee Wai Kok, President, Daikin Philippines

Moreover, another type of inverter is the Premium Inverter FTKM. Also launched in the press conference, it offered the latest features that included a sleek and stylish Coanda Panel Design that gives the best air-conditioning experience.

The powerful air draft does not fall on your head directly, but it is steered upward letting air circulate into the corners of the room creating a comfortable ambience. The FTKM aims to be most efficient Air Conditioner available in the market and be the mother of all 5-Star Energy Efficient Residential Air Conditioners.

Daikin Air-Purifiers

Daikin Air-Purifiers

New Large Floor Standing and Enhancements to the VRV

Daikin’s New Large Floor Standing model is the latest addition to its extensive line of Packaged Air Conditioners. With a larger capacity and superior performance, this unit aims to be the go-to product for the market in terms of various applications such as factories, airports, and of the like.

Later this year, Daikin Philippines will unveil a testament to its continued innovation and improvement to its flagship product, the VRV.

With the New Anti-Corrosion model, Daikin will be providing a solution to the longstanding problem that projects located in reclamation areas face.

Daikin at 10

Daikin @ 10! (From L-R) Division Manager of Sales Operation – Mr. JED Caburian, Vice President – Mr. Toshiyuki Tanaka, Daikin Philippines’ President – Mr. Lee Wai Kok, Division Manager of Human Resources And General Affairs – Mr. Gerry Cortez and Daikin Consultant for After Sales Services – Mr. Ogie Quitco.

The unit features the use of a remarkably superior corrosion-resistant hot-dip Zinc-Aluminum- Magnesium (ZAM) alloy coated steel sheet product, which is 10-20 times better than hot dip zinc coated steel sheets which will enable the end users to protect their investment as well as get the best out it.

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Congratulations to Daikin as it pushes inverterization in the Philippines which is more economical and environment friendly in the long-run.

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